My first VR upload to - "Zombie Graveyard VR"

First upload
Today I uploaded my first ever build to - a prototype for a virtual reality zombie shooter minigame.  While not a finished product by any means, this version was the result of experimentation with 3D models from Unity Asset Store, including the excellent Halloween Pack by FANTASTIC and the zombie character by The concept was provided by YouTube's Valem thanks to his Make a VR Game In One Hour video tutorial.

What did I learn?
This project had a few goals:

  • become familiarized with the Halloween asset pack
  • get more experience working with animated character models
  • continue building experience with Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit

While this prototype is not a polished product intended for general release, creating Zombie Graveyard VR was a valuable exercise in itself.

What's next?
Level 2, of course! But to be more specific, I'm currently working on Zombie Graveyard VR's spiritual successor, a VR minigame where spooky creatures attempt to devour your soul in a dark and foggy crypt where you'll need to rely on 360 degree spatial audio to track down your perilous foes!

More to come soon.


com.VRDEVCA.ZombieGraveyardVR-0.1.apk 52 MB
Oct 09, 2020

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