Version 0.2 Released - Improved Player Experience

Version 0.2 of "Zombie Graveyard VR" is now available for download for Oculus Quest!

As a bonus, an experimental Oculus Rift (Windows) build has also been uploaded. Please note, I do not own a Rift headset, so I would appreciate help with testing the Windows version.

In this release, the VR rig enabling player presence has been overhauled with improved ray interaction for item pickups. This enhancement is based on part 6 of Valem's excellent "Introduction to VR in Unity" series. To pickup the tri-revolver or axe, point your hand in the target's direction and press the grip button. 

Also, the left and right thumbsticks can now be used to move the character around the graveyard.

There we go -- now you're ready to take on some zombies!


com.VRDEVCA.ZombieGraveyardVR-0.2.apk 70 MB
Oct 11, 2020 59 MB
Version 1 Oct 11, 2020

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